Jewelry Making: Adding Charms to Bracelets #9

Updated: Jan 26

Charms usually come with a loop on one end. You need to add a jump ring in this loop.

Charms add interest, can be colorful, can define a purpose or save a memory. There are charms in silver, gold, antique gold, brass, copper, sterling silver, antique silver, rose gold and leather. There are black bears, red and green Christmas items, Halloween orange and black items, and even red, white and blue stars.

Handmade charms in trending colors.

I added some beads to the safety pin after looking at this picture.

Charms are added to a bracelet by using a jump ring of the same size as the bracelet chain or loop. By using a jump ring, you give the charm a range of motion. Charms can be added to a bracelet that is all beads and no chain links. Jump ring is placed between two beads usually off center from the middle of the front of the bracelet. Letters can be used as charms.

Anklets are another place that charms are used and this will set off your ankle. Custom made bracelets and anklets are available on in the Jewelry Shop.

I may receive a small commission from sales made from affiliate sites in my blog. However, this does not affect your price.

Another type bracelet with a charm.

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