Jewelry Skills for Beginners #1

Updated: Jan 26

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Post 1: Are you wondering if you can use your current skills to become a jewelry designer? Can you string a bead, put colors together to blend, make or follow a pattern, tie a knot, apply glue, and apply creative thought to make a design that is unique?

You are on your way to becoming a jewelry designer. In this blog we will give you all the ideas, tools and skills you need to make your first piece of jewelry.

Why am I suggesting that you begin with a stretch bracelet? Well, I saw in one of the post where the expert recommended beginners start with making a stretch bracelet. Here is an early example.

You will need stretch cord and nippers.



10 to 16 larger beads 6mm

10-14 smaller beads 4mm

Stretch Magic or other brand cord .05 mm

Glue such as E6000 or Adhesive Cement


cutter or nippers

bead stopper or masking tape

measuring tape and/or ruler

Nice but don't have to have

big eyed needle

craft boxes or storage boxes

bead board to lay out design

Right now just keep this list in mind as you follow the upcoming posts. Don't rush to buy anything just yet.

In the next post, I will pull together lists of suppliers to help you so you don't have to wander around the web as I did.

In a future post, I will have charts in one place in one post so you can have them handy.

Another post will have a list of Experts with tutorials, newsletters, or blogs telling you hints to make a professional looking bracelet.

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