Jewelry Making: Chart Your Course #5

Updated: Feb 12

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Picture shows a Vintage stretch beaded bracelet from the 80s


Please go to this link for great information: for United States

Post 5 In this post I will give you the charts you need to be successful in making jewelry. Your pieces will fit, look fabulous, and remain together for years to come.

First, please visit these websites for information about gemstones.

This is a great reference as it will help you make bracelets and necklaces that fit. I am sorry but I think this is from Fire Mountain Gems.
Note that the higher the number of the guage, the smaller the wire.


Please print out the Bead Size Chart above. You can use it in various ways. It will be helpful to have handy in your jewelry making desk area.

a. If someone gives you some beads without a tag, then you just place a bead on the chart on the sizes until you find one that matches.

b. If you are looking at a catalog and wonder how small is that bead, then you can refer to the chart to see the actual size.

c. Also hole sizes are given in catalogue and materials lists. You can refer to the chart to get a feel for what size bead is asked for in the directions.

There are other charts online like this one. You may find one you like better but this is my favorite.

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