Body Improvement: Exercise from a Chair

Updated: May 1, 2020

Maybe you use a wheelchair. Maybe you are very

heavy, maybe you are unsteady on your feet? You need exercises that you can do from a chair.

Here are some websites with sitting exercises.

Comments from the Expert

You can get a good workout in your chair, and that’s vital, says LeeAnn Langdon, an American Council on Exercise (ACE)–certified personal trainer and senior fitness specialist. "If there is such a thing as a fountain of youth, and a fountain of health, regular, moderate exercise is it,” she says. “It’s like the best drug you don't even have to buy."

Sit up straight and put on some motivational music. It's time to do your body some good

If you put all of the moves together, you can work up to your 30 minutes of exercise per day. But if you're not there yet or don’t have time for one longer workout, don't fret. You can exercise in 10-minute chunks. And if you're just starting off, start slow and listen to your body. "You should not have any pain when you're exercising," says Wilson. "If you go to a point of mild discomfort, then back off."

Safety Note: Talk to your doctor before making any big change in your exercise plan.

Here is a great you tube video of exercising from a seated position:

Sit up straight. Get ready. Be sure to wear stable shoes.

This is a march in place move: Move as much as you can and swing arms by your side. 20+ steps.

Cute earrings to wear while exercising. Find them at

This is a hand, wrist and shoulder exercise. Arms up in front of you, hands bent at wrist and turn hands up. Repeat 10 times. Rest. Repeat 10 times.

The next blog will be on hand, wrist, shoulder exercises when you have a diagnosed condition. Email is

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