Body Improvement: Wearing Hats

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

We are going to look at some hats and talk about the shape of your face. I know I have big trouble as I am very short and have a very round face shape. I usually am swallowed by a hat and it is not flattering. I love those big shade hats for the beach. Let's see what shape your face is and look at hats.

Short Brim Hat and Floppy Large Brim Hat (from

Which is right for you?

Let's look at what I found online:

So pick your face shape and look down the row of hats and across to your shape. The comments give you hints as to how the hat looks on your face. So with my round face, I should skip wearing Cossack hats.

More information:

If you have a "SQUARE" Face

Choose Hats, headpieces and saucers that tilt.

If you have a SQUARE FACE, then you and your hat would look most stunning with the hat worn at an angle. Make sure you look for a hat that offers a good deal of height at the crown. A square face typically looks wider than it does long. Height at the crown can add length to your face. Saucers that sit high over the crown, and then slice across to almost your shoulder are perfect for square faces.

Other face shape hints:

from Linda Bateman's Ky. Derby Hats


I said we would have fun! Do you love the yellow Kentucky Derby Hat? Let me know

Some more practical information:

Oval Face Shape: If you have an oval face, you’re pretty lucky! Not only do most haircuts suit you, most hats suit you too! Although, it is advisable to avoid super high or shallow crowns as these increase the face length unnecessarily. Boater Hats are a good choice since they tend to widen the face, because of their circular nature.

Round Face Shape: If you have a round face shape, you have to be a little more careful in choosing hats. Boater Hat shapes are not very flattering on the round faces since the circular shape of the hat makes the face look wider. This works very well for those with long faces but just takes away from the look for round shaped faces. Fedora is a great choice for round shaped faces as the angles add longevity to the face!

Square Face Shape: If you have an angular strong square jawline, go for softer looking feminine hats such as a Wide brimmed sun hat or a Floppy Hat. Berets work really well too since they have a very feminine look and can be worn at an angle to soften the facial angles.

Heart Face Shape: If you have a heart shaped face, think Jennifer Aniston, you have an angular face with a small chin. This face shape is great for hat lovers since most hats look good on a heart face. Although a good tip is to avoid wearing really wide brimmed hats as the wide brims can make the chin look even smaller and take away from the look. Boater hats are great since they have a small brim and they take away from the narrowness of the chin. Berets are a good choice as well, since the slouchy shape softens the angular chin.

I hope you liked our post on wearing hats. The next post is on make up hints for all situations. Be on the lookout for that post in a couple weeks. My Valentine Jewelry Collection is open now on Go get your gift today! Sign up for newsletters from GAGAS in the space online on my web.

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