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Updated: Feb 13

We are going to explore ways to change or enhance our bodies. I will add sites for you to explore and use. This will be a series of posts covering: diet,face shape and choosing jewelry for specific shapes, drinking water and etc., exercises (a series of posts), helpful thought control, makeup techniques, choosing outfits and jewelry to match, hats to wear, shoes hints for comfort, and

First, we are what we eat.

What are they eating?

There are three types of food. Carbohydrates, fats, and protein. Everything we eat is broken down by the body as either a carbo or fat or protein. A piece of fruit is a carbo. A pat of butter is a fat. A piece of chicken is a protein. Ok. What is a piece of deep fried chicken? Right! It is all three.

What is a slice of bread with butter? Right a carbo and a fat. What is ice-cream? Well, you say, the ingredients say milk, heavy cream, vanilla, and sugar. So it is carbo combined with dairy (or protein).

I know I was raised to think that fruit had its own group. Vegetables had their own group. Then there were groups for meats, starches (this group was all the desserts, breads, stuff made with flour, chips, pretzels and potatoes), dairy, fats, and other. This "other" group included wine, beer, and some pills. Were you thinking of other groups rather than the three fats, carbos and protein? As a diabetic, I learned that these three ways that the body uses food makes it very simple to stay in control of what you eat. Most food pyramids (or plates), today, are broken down into 5 groups: Fruit, grain, meat, dairy, and vegetables. So you can follow the current USDA groupings to make a wholesome menu for your meals.

This is the current food groups chart designed by USDA.

Let's explore some diet plans. Great Keto diet plan but costs money to actually get this meal plan. (under $50)

Well there is some food for thought. That reminds you know that many of our holidays revolve around eating lots of food? Just think Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Labor Day, 4th of July and your birthday. If you are trying to achieve a weight loss goal then you have to plan how you will eat but stay within your limits.

I recently went through an online 12 week plan for losing weight naturally. The teacher suggested we look at all the options and choose only 4 foods. That way you knew you were not going to load your plate up with a taste of everything. You could choose foods that were in your plan. Here are some other of the hints or helps from that natural program:

Eating Naturally

1. Eat slowly. Enjoy each bite, put your fork down after each bite.

2. Use a smaller plate size.

3. Eat for 15 mins and stop for 5 mins. Are you really hungry enough to continue after the 5 mins. stop? Maybe you could give up the rest and save some calories. The rest period is to give your brain time to register that you have eaten. This sets or upsets the hunger signal in the brain.

4. Only eat when you are really, really hungry. You know the feeling of the pit of the stomach when you a truly hungry. The other times you eat, are just a feeling that you want something.

5. If you drink water or some watered down OJ, all through out the day, you can eat less and not snack.

6. Make walking outdoors a part of each day. Just 15 mins in morning and afternoon will make a great improvement in your health.

7. Set goals as to how much you want to loose each week. Weight your only once a week, wear the same clothes, use the same scale, in the same room and write down your weight each time.

8. Make sure your needs are being met. If you are constantly meeting other people's needs, you need to seek ways to find the time to have your needs met.

9. Always review with your family doctor when you are planning a weight loss program or extra exercise program. This is just common sense to share and be safe.

10. Keep or work on keeping a positive attitude towards eating and making changes in what and how you eat. Don't let others make you feel bad. Tell them you appreciate their concern but for now you are going to eat this new way.

One of the first things you need to know for the upcoming blogs is your face shape. Here are a couple of charts to help you.

Which face shape do you think you have?

This is a lot for now. I welcome your comments. Please look for the sign up box for the blog newsletter and sign in there. You can also reach me at or

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