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Updated: Jan 26

Handmade Jewelry at Gaga's Glitters from SC, USA

We have an invited an Expert for this blog page. Anna of Czech Beads is our expert. Welcome Anna! We will cover jump rings, crimp beads, and bead calculator for projects.

When we did the Beads, Beads, Beads Post,, in the resource list was Czech Beads. I sent you to look at different types of beads. Czech Beads are well known for high quality and wonderful customer service.

Anna from Czech Beads has shared several charts, a bead calculator, how to open and close jump rings plus a size chart and a tutorial about crimp beads.

Please open this site re the jump rings.

Please open this site re the bead project calculator:

This flower bracelet from Gaga's Glitters has a silver crimp bead covering the knot. It is not recommended that crimp beads be used on stretch bracelets but once in a while I do use crimps and crimp bead covers.

What is a Crimp Bead?

If you are going to complete a piece of jewelry, for example, bracelet or necklace in stringing technique, you have to learn how to work with crimp beads. Crimp Bead secures your beads on the wire and at the same time helps to make a loop for the clasp.

What are tube shaped crimp bead and round shaped crimp bead?

You can choose which shape of the crimp bead you like best and which one is more suitable for your jewelry. But we would recommend tube shaped crimp bead for beginners because it is easier to work with. Read carefully what chosen crimp is made of. Sterling or gold-filled crimp beads are easier to work with, in turn, crimps made of metal are not so flexible.

What is a bead crimp bead tool?

To secure your jewelry in the right way you need to get special tools. There are several options. Firstly, to make your jewelry look perfect, you should use special crimping pliers. You can recognize them by grooves inside of nose of the pliers. The main benefit of using crimping pliers is they allow you to get neat round shape of crimp bead. If you don't have a pair of crimping pliers, you can use regular chain-nose pliers or flat-nose pliers.

This crimp bead help is from Czech Beads.

Thank you, Anna for helping us find this valuable information for Beginners.

The next post will feature Beginners making their first bracelet!

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