Jewelry Making from the Begining #2

Updated: Jan 26

Handmade Jewelry | Gaga's Glitters | United States

Post 2: You are on your way to becoming a jewelry designer. In this blog we will give you all the ideas, tools and skills you need to make your first piece of jewelry.

Stretch bracelet with two kinds of beads in a different style and charm added

A Stretch bracelet with two different beads in blue and white is the cover photo for this post. See how it is in a style different from this photo above but they both could be described as having two different beads.

We will explore tools, look at a chart about sizes of beads and look at gauge sizes of elastic. We will cover these skills: choosing sizes of stringing materials for the type of beads you select, beads, and the overhand knot. Be sure to look for for more blog posts.

I do receive a small commission on any ads on this page when you buy from ads on my blog. It does not affect the price you pay. Thank you.

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