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Updated: Feb 12

Handmade Jewelry at Gaga's Glitters, SC, USA

Post 4 There is a world of jewelry designers out there online that have a lot more experience than me. I want to introduce you to several but you can search and find many more. This is an important step in your growth.

Look at lots of tutorials, don't make notes, just watch and get a feel for how they use their hands, the tools, the knots, the findings and the beads they choose.

It is important to start feeling comfortable with the terms used in jewelry making, the different kinds of beads, gemstones, and birthstones. This is the beginning of learning the names of jewelry making tools and findings.

Note: the bracelet that is the cover picture for this post has a silver bead to hide the knot as I used beads that had small holes. I could not hide the knot in one of the flowers. So I added the crimp and crimp bead cover (silver bead) which is a kind of a "finding". Findings are things that end a cord or string, space or cap a bead, close the jewelry so you can wear it or hold something such as a pendant or charm.

As you watch a tutorial you can see list of materials so you get use to how a project comes together. As you watch, remember that we do not use the exact same colors or spacing, etc a the tutorial person, usually when we make a project, just a very similar bead or spacing because you want to make your piece individual to you. You are the designer!

Just go to these sites to get started:

How to Make an Elastic Bracelet With Hidden Knots, DIY - YouTube

Wow! Now go back to Post 1 where we made a list of materials for your first bracelet in www.gagasglitters/

Do you see that you are much more comfortable with the list, the tools, the design words, and names of findings?

Please Contact me and let me know how you are doing.

What other information do you need before jumping in to make the first stretch bracelet? Sign in for my "freebie". Please.

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