Vol. 1 Gaga's Glitters Jewelry Shop Newsletter or GG's JSN

Updated: Sep 3, 2020


Once upon a time there was a girl named Jenny. Jenny had a beautiful bracelet from Gaga's Glitters Shop (where else?). Her boyfriend gave it to her. She went to visit her Aunt and Cousin to discuss with them about her boyfriend, who was getting serious. After a few days, she went back home. She was going to have her first date since being back with her boyfriend and she could not find her bracelet. She called her Cousin, who promised to look for it. (More in the next issue)!!!

Jenny's beautiful Vintage bracelet from Gaga's Glitters.

New idea section:

Necklace: Custom Wedding Appearl Satin Ribbon, Pearls and Pink Tassel.

I have been told that many people like custom made jewelry. The customer who designed and ordered this Wedding Necklace was pleased with how it turned out. She wore a pink linen skirt and a white silky blouse with other gold jewelry. The necklace pulled everthing together nicely.

Caring and Giving Idea:

This red horn and black stone beaded necklace supports Rahaba's Hope. The proceeds support women's small businesses in Africa.
Necklace: Full View of Rahaba's Rope for Hope.

Each quarter, I will have a charity jewelry site for us to support and information about it for you to explore. I have seen some very beautiful handmade jewelry from very remote places. This will be a joy for me to share with you. This quarter I am just using a piece of Vintage Jewelry to show you what might be here next time.

Matching Jewelry to Outfits: Click to see outfit!


Earrings: Demin and Chain Shoulder Dusters

What do you think about the red shirt and denim jean shorts (first picture above) with these duster earrings (second picture above)? Really,some of you are so very great at pulling an outfit together. Tell me what goes with these denim dusters?

Your Comments: ( You can add to the story, name the boyfriend, change its direction, say you don't like the jewelry I picked for an Outfit, yell about the price of gas, anything! )

One customer said that "the bracelet was well made".

We need lots more comments to keep this exciting! There is a sign up for Newsletter after the posts are listed. There is a contact and comment box near the footnote of the website. Please jump in and give us a hollar!

Expert Suggestions: None this time but I have two in the wind.................

So the Newsletter will have six sections: a story, new idea, outfit matching, comments, expert advice, and a surprise section. This first issue also comes with my first "freebie" How to Make Your Jewelry Sparkle!

Thank you for reading and commenting!



I do make a small commission if you click on the ad. It does not affect the price of your item.

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