Vol. 2 Gaga's Glitters Jewelry Shop Newsletter or GG's JSN Vol. 2, 2019

Updated: Sep 3, 2020


Jenny called her Cousin back to see if she had found the bracelet. The aunt had found it and mailed it back to Jenny the day before she called. After two weeks, Jenny had not receive the bracelet. The aunt called to the post office to see if they could track it down. There had been a mailperson taking packages and selling the goods for money to pay his wife's gambling debts. He had been on leave since the incident. Jenny went to the police station in the town where the package was mailed and demanded to have her bracelet back. But it was evidence and she might never see it again.

Jenny did not want to tell her boyfriend. He knew something was up but he thought she had met another guy in the town where her Aunt lives. He was quarrelsome. Finally they broke up over the lies, the feelings of mistrust and confusion.

A few months went by and the boyfriend read in the paper that a guy was charged with stealing jewelry and others goods from the mail while he was a mail person.

The boyfriend put two and two together. He went to see his old girl friend, Jenny. He told Jenny he was sorry for mistrusting her and he now knew what had happened. However this is not a happily ever after story as Jenny had moved on and did not love him anymore.

More tales of missing jewelry in the next issue. Say goodbye to Jenny's lovely bracelet of pearls.

Jenny's beautiful Vintage bracelet from Gaga's Glitters.

New idea section:

I have been told that many people like custom made jewelry. I have had only one order so far so no more information for this section of the newsletter. I still offer the custom wedding basket embellishment, the custom family vacation or hiking memories jewelry, and custom junk journal embellishments.

I saw this on Pinterest and love the look. What do you think? Can I make it??? Sure. Look in next issue of newsletter! Huh!!

Art to use to make beautiful pendants for next Spring!

Caring and Giving Idea:

This quarter, I have a charity jewelry site for us to support and information about it for you to explore.


The link above is for the Starfish Project to help support women as they escape their lives in human trafficking's. They have various ways you can offer support and purchasing jewelry is only one part of it. Read their mission statement and be reminded of the starfish parable. Give today.

Matching Jewelry to Outfits: Click to see outfit!https://pin.it/ow6wss6z27akjb

The lady is wearing a gold bangle bracelet similar to ones I have in my Vintage collection!!! What do you think? Would you wear a gold shiny bangle with a dull brown sweater such as this?


Earrings: Demin and Chain Shoulder Dusters

I sold the Demin Dusters (above) and Banana Republics Cuff Jean Bracelet to a nice young girl. Please read her review in my shop pages. It feels so good to receive five star ratings.

Your Comments: (You can add to the story, name the boyfriend, change its direction, say you don't like the jewelry I picked, yell about the price of gas, anything! )

One customer said that "the sewing on the bracelet was not well made".

We need lots more comments to keep this exciting! There is a sign up for Newsletter after the posts are listed. There is a contact and comment box near the footnote of the website. Please jump in and give us a hollar!

Expert Suggestions: Show pictures of customers wearing my jewelry. AND make the look of the newsletter more professional.

So the Newsletter has six sections: a story, new idea, outfit matching, comments, expert advice, and a surprise section. The first issue came with my first "freebie" How to Make Your Jewelry Sparkle!

This issue comes with a " A Few Suggestions for Body Improvement".

Thank you for reading and commenting!


Lin lmackechnie50@gmail.com


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