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Updated: Jan 26

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The Golden Bracelet Story

Last we saw was where Princess Destiny and the Queen

had received a new bracelet each. They had 2, one for each arm. It appeared they and all the Ladies of the Court were satisfied with the jewelry at the Christmas Ball.

Now it came to pass, that the fashion changed to charm bracelets so the Queen and Princess just had to had the new rage for the Grand Coming Out Balls that were held in the Spring. The Queen first talked to the royal Goldsmith to have an idea of what he might make. Then she talked to the King. Being short of cash, he had her agree to wear a dress or two she had from the previous season and then he would get her an exclusive charm bracelet.

The Princess in the mean time talked to the Prince about new dresses and a charm bracelet so the kingdom would see how properious the Prince was becoming. The Prince had not done as well as he would have liked and really did not want to be burdened with paying for new dresses and a new bracelet. He talked and talked to her but she insisted that only two dresses and a bracelet would be required for her to attend the Grand Balls.

This is like the bracelet that the King had made for the Queen. You can find it at

This is like the bracelet that the Prince had made for Princess Destiny. It is available at ShelleyCooperJewelry

I love the look of small crowns for the Princess.

More story in next newsletter.

New outfit to Discuss:

What would you do to improve this outfit? Contact me at

Looks like boots are in for this fall. I can't wear boots but they sure look good!


Our charity this month is

One way is through the Pajamas Program at shelters across the US.

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P.S. This is a great recipe! Second time I have added one to a newsletter!

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