Gaga's Newsletter August/September, 2020

Updated: Jan 27

Success is just a step away.

Let's set a goal and maybe 4 mini-steps to get there so by the end of October we have moved from here we are to new place. You will need to take a few minutes to write out your goal and then later you can frame this up with the mini- steps to get there.

Here is mine! I have trouble chewing food as I have only a few molars. Goal: Work with specialized dentist to achieve

a new profile of teeth to include molars so I can chew food.

My facial appearance may improve, also!

Mini-step 1 Go for consult visit

Mini-step 2 Have teeth fixed; others pulled top of mouth

Mini-step 3 Wait 2 months for healing

Mini-step 4 Receive special partial snap in different plate

Mini-step 5 Repeat process for bottom teeth

Good luck with your special goal.

Story of the Golden Bracelet Continued story:

Last time we left the Queen and Princess, they were going to the Grand Coming Out Balls in the Spring. The new rage was to wear charm bracelets so the King and the Prince had the royal Goldsmith make these for the royal ladies. The Queen and the Princess showed their charm bracelets to the other royal ladies during the Coming Out Season and at the Grand Balls.

of course, everyone wanted one. So here are some vintage charm bracelet that might have been loved during this time.

This is one of mine using present day materials. or

Neiman Marcus Drop Coin Ben-amun.

Royal Collection Ben-amun.

All these beautiful charm bracelets were found on Pinterest. This one is on eBay for sale.

Private Collection Antique Mother's Day Charms.

So the royal society had many charm bracelets by the next event which was the Royal Wedding of our Princess and Prince. They would honeymoon in Scotland and return to live in Balfour Castle.

The theme of the Wedding was Old Harvest with off-white handmade lace table coverings, Autumn foliage, dried flowers, and babies breath tiny white flowers. There were gourds, pumpkins, and corn decorations on various candlelit tables. The Menu:

Pumpkin Cinnamon Spice Soup

Mulberry wine

Turkey slices with cranberry gravy

Sweet potato soufflé

Corn fritters, Corn pudding,

Raspberry tarts

White Snow Wedding cookies

White wine punch and Wedding cake was served in the ballroom.

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Fashion design for the month

This guy is coming for a date. What would you change about his outfit.?

What would you change about this guy who just fly into town to see you?

Send comments to I will post the comments to this site on blog.

I am planning a Body Improvement blog on Guys Fashion soon.

Please look at my etsy shops

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Bling and Vintage Jewelry

I have a Poshmark Closet @linmackechnie

Another charm bracelet I made. Great gift for someone who sews, quilts, or crafts!

Men's Fashion Sense to come soon on this blog!

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