Gaga's Newsletter March/April 2020

The Gold Bracelet.

Story Continues: We all are in this together but somehow being 70, recovered from cancer, having COPD and other illnesses, and being by myself part of the day is so lonely. I have not ( and will not) been anywhere for over 4 weeks, yet I did not get the March Newsletter written. I have been canceling appointment, figuring out what to do about my granddaughter who lives in my home. Her mother works and is a single Mom. The granddaughter was in day care and bringing germs home. Now she is at her Aunt's house 90 miles away as the Aunt and Uncle are forced to work from home. Not ideal but was working for a week and half. Now she wants to come home. I am not sure I can watch her all day, every day. We will see. My husband is here most of each day but really great at shopping for groceries and drug store runs but not so good with young girl.

What is your situation? Are you a Nurse who is working? Are you a Single Mom wondering how you are going to pay your bills? That government check will help for one month but not much more.... Are you a News person out there getting the stories? Are you waiting for your test results?


Once upon a time a King gave his Queen a very expensive bracelet. She and her sister ended up with matching bracelets. Well, as the story goes from the last Newsletter, they went to the Autumn Fair together and took their bracelets off to do apples bobbing. They laid them side by side and got them mixed up. As we enter the story, they are going to see the Blacksmith who made the bracelets to see if he can tell them apart.

" Hurry, we can't let the King know I am in this part of the Village and don't drag your hem in the mud said the Queen. "Oh, I wish I had not come with you. You are so bossy, just 'cause you are older!" replied the Princess. They finally find the Blacksmith's Shop but he is not there. His apprentice says that the Blacksmith is off drinking somewhere in the Village at a pub called the Old Black Keg. The Ladies leave and return the way they came. They cause many heads to turn and gossip begins. The Queen just hopes the villagers think she is just a lady from the palace. She looks down so no one can see her face. The Old Black Keg is on the side alley so the ladies hesitate to enter. Along comes a gentleman who is amused to see the Ladies. He asks if he may escort them somewhere no questions asked. They say Yes, please take us to that bar over there. well, the Ladies find the Blacksmith and he is very drunk. He tells the Ladies that one of the bracelets is gold and the other is just painted with gold. He looks at the bracelets and hands one to the Queen. This one is yours. It pure gold and bends easily. The Princess snaches the other bracelet from him and ask why it is not gold. He answered that her Prince said he could not afford gold so they agreed to make it a course metal, smooth it, and paint it with gold. More to come.........

This is in It is a Vintage piece from an Estate Sale in NC.

Not the one the Queen had but you could wear it and feel like a queen.

Charity of the Month:

Hands Producing Hope

Please explore the products in Hands Producing Hope website. The keyring shown is made of seed pods and horn. The profits go to helping people in Costa Rica learn business skills and avoid hardships. They make beautiful items.

Outfit and Jewelry

This outfit looks comfy but a little like Fall. Let's image it with a turquoise bag, matching shoes and different jewelry. Maybe a turquoise and white beaded bracelet with turquoise dangle earrings. Do you like how the earrings match the pattern in the Bag in the style shown? What other colors would compliment the jean jacket, little white tank top, slimming beige pants?

As always, send comments to Lin at


I opened a shop just for little girls on Etsy. It is can be found at

The darling fruit charm bracelet can be found there plus other examples of items for young girls ages 6-14. If you want a bracelet for a younger girl, age Newborn to 5 years of age, you can order a custom item. Please go and look today.

Next blog is on exercise and various special circumstances of the person.

I am working on a Freebie about what pieces to have in your wardrobe.

And another list....this time on places to find custom jewelry boxes of all shapes and colors.

I am in the process of updating all the past blogs with more up to date information.

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