Jewelry Making for Beginners Continues #8B

Updated: Jan 26

Let's catch up!

Seed Beads. These are tiny beads used for weaving, multiple strands and all kinds of crafts. I do not use seed beads because my hands shake and I can't see well. The wonderful world of seed beads is lost to me. You need to go ahead and try making a bracelet that uses seed beads as your second project.

Here are some tutorials about seed beads:

DIY How to Jewellery - Seed Bead Bracelet Tutorial

Seed Beads were used to make up this bracelet.

Tools: You can buy a Beginners Tool Kit on Amazon, or other sites. You can buy tools one by one. Start with Needle nose pliers. You will use this to make loops which go together at ends of strands.

Needle Nose Pliers

Flat nose pliers for opening jumps rings.

Large eye needles are next. These aid you in stringing beads.

You will need a ruler and a measuring tape.

You will need nippers or scissors.

Go ahead and get an assortment ring of findings. Need to have jump rings, clasps and need to have end caps,

Remember to study the pictures of the knot so you can tie off your bracelet

Let's review. In this post you learned about seed beads, tying a knot, open and closing a jump ring, names and uses of several tools, and we added to your list of things to have on hand when you start making your bracelet.

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