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Updated: Feb 13

Handmade Jewelry at Gaga's Glitters, SC, USA

Post 3: You can start as I did and go to Google to search for beads suppliers. Or just look at 4 or 5 different suppliers below:

Fire Mountain Gems

Dollar Beads


Golden Age Beads

Etsy Jewelry Making supplies


Czech Beads

Besides looking at beads also look at brands of elastic cords, spacer beads, and glues such as E600 or Adhesive Cement.

The picture above show a bead board that you can use to measure your bracelet as you design it and you can lay it out to see if you really like the design you sketched. Beadalon is a company that you will enjoy looking at their products. Do search for bead board once site opens.

You are looking to see: Where are they located? (or How long is it going to take to get my beads?) What price ranges do they have? How many beads are offered for the unit price? What type beads will I want to use for my stretch bracelet?

Beads used for stretch bracelets are usually 6mm to 8mm with spacer beads being 2mm to 4mm. Look for the next post at

to see charts on bead sizes, cord gauges, and bracelet sizes.

Beads come in various colors, shapes, sizes and textures

Suppliers string beads on plastic cords and tie a knot in both ends. You are to remove the beads from their rigid string and place into your design on an elastic string. You will need some way to secure your beads such as cups, craft supply boxes with divisions, baggies, envelopes or jars. Anything will work as you begin.

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Here is a new stretch bracelet with charms that I made in early 2020. I have improved in knot making as you do not see a crimp bead or large hole bead as I used to do. This is a girl's size

for Easter or Spring/Summer.

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