Newsletter Vol. 4 for Jan. 2020 new Name Gaga's Glitters

Updated: May 20, 2020

The Gold Bangle Bracelet:

Once upon a time a blacksmith was asked to make a bracelet for the Queen of Summerland. It was to shine like the sun, sparkle like a shiny rock and be a delight to look at.. The blacksmith had only made bracelet for slaves that went on and never came off. They were usually made of iron ore and black like a skillet. This was a big challenge for him. First he had to come up with a design

and the King was finding some gold to melt down. The blacksmith talked to the blacksmith in the next town and got some ideas. His daughter came up with a design that had gold wires twisted into knots.

The wife suggested cut outs in a wide cuff of metal. Cut outs of hearts and turtledoves.

A princess from the palace sent over a drawing of a slender bracelet with a window in it. and a beautiful butterfly clasp.

This bracelet is at

The blacksmith chooses the design of windows in the gold bracelet with a hinge clasp. He makes a model and his wife and daughter approve. He makes the bracelet and delivers it to the King. He waits until the Queen's birthday and give it to her. She is so excited that the King promotes blacksmith to Royal Jewelry Maker.

The Queen wears the bracelet to the ball in Springtown Castle. Princess Destiny Moss wants one. So the now Royal Jewelry Maker makes another one for Princes Destiny.

The two ladies meet in the Fall at Autumn Castle. There is a fair going on with a cake walk, apple bobbing, apple cider drinking contest, penny pitch, and shoot the duck. They take their bracelets off for apple bobbing and the bracelets get mixed up. Whose is whose? They know the King will be mad and upset if the Queen does not have her bracelet. What to do?

They decide to go back to blacksmith and ask if he can see which is which? Tune in for next part of story in next newsletter.........

Outfit Make Over

Notice how the jewelry accents the coral and the green to make the outfit pull together. I hope we will see lots of color this spring. The experts say that blue is THE color. So which bracelet would you choose to go with outfit? What other color jewelry would you change to?


The Little Market Charity for this month:

Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla founded The Little Market, a website where shoppers can buy a huge array of different products created by hand by artisans. The Little Market helps design products with their artisans who are women working in countries that include India, Tanzania, Kenya, Mexico, and Guatemala among others.

The Little Market is dedicated to practicing fair trade business practices and many of the women who work for them as artisans are able to work from their homes and care for their children as they work.

On top of employing artisans in these countries, The Little Market provides them with help to improve their life like healthcare, business training, and literacy programs.

So go look at the website and see what you might want to do to help.

Your Comments: (You can add to the story, name the royal family, change its direction, say you don't like the jewelry I picked, yell about the price of gas, anything! )

News and Comments:

Gaga's Glitters has changed some things recently. First, we removed most of the Vintage Collection to the website. Please go there to see how the Vintage Collection looks altogether.

Second, we are setting up a shop with jewelry for young girls, their dolls, and all of our pets. You will get more information by email about this new shop. I know many of you have special little girls in your life. A friend ask me about young boys items. I promise to have a few of those soon.

Third, I am writing a new story line for the Newsletter called The Gold Bracelet. We renamed the Newsletter to Gaga's Glitters and Gems.

Fourth, I have been exploring some ads to add to the blog. I hope these are an addition to your shopping experience. I will be trying these products and telling you about them briefly. I do not want to advertise products that I do not know. I want to keep this safe, high quality, and stores that follow through.

Fifth, I am looking into how to keep the books for my business. Do any of you have experience with Quick books, Quicken, or Wave? Please let me know what ever you know about any bookkeeping program. is my email.

The Vintage Collection- New Arrival " Gold Chain and Pearls"

Disclosure Statement: I do receive a small commission from any purchases from ads on this Newsletter. This does not affect your purchase price.

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