Body Improvement: The Eyes Have It!

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

We are going to explore your eye shape and then apply some make-up tips to the various eye shapes. In line with the idea that we are looking at body improvement, we will have a few ideas about how your eye shape and the correct eye makeup can make a very different you.

Most people have one of these eye shapes.

Look at the girl I choose for the blog front page. What shape eyes does she have?

I think she has downturned eyes but I will say it is not fair to say whether wide set or close set eyes as we can't see her full face, straight on view. What did you think?

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New way to do Downturned eyes.

We tend to get downturned eyes or hooded eyes as we age. Please watch this video:

Tips for Hooded eyes:

Use a color stick for eye liner as the gel or liquid is harder to get right and/or handle. Apply color stick liner only to center of upper eye: from outer edge to center. Then work on skin under the bottom lid to apply using dots to make eyeliner more distinct. Use waterproof mascara because there is a thin line of oil that develops on the lid. In hooded eyes, the lashes touch this oil and then the regular mascara starts to break down. The expert I read about, said to use Dior "Diorshow Fuzzy n Volume" mascara. It is waterproof and has a pump so you can control how much mascara is on the applicator. Apply mascara to lashes and to upper part of upper lashes. (Blondes understand this better than the rest of us).

Deep Set Eyes tips:

Sorry for the long You Tube script but it is a great video!

Very short to view.

This for Monolid Eye Makeup tips:

Wings for Any Shape Eye Tips:

One expert said to be comfortable with using what ever makeup you wish and know that everyone is different.

As she said "Get Over Yourself."

Many girls want to know about how to add that wing to the outside of the eye. She gave us these hints. First thing is to measure from the tip of your nostril up to beginning of eyebrow. Use a pencil, mascara or anything straight. Second, Now use a contour stick to lightly draw a line from nostril to brow. Do this on the other side. Third, Look in the mirror to make sure the two side are even. Another way to measure is from corner of eye up to top of ear. Fourth, Now you know what the angle of the wing and where to stop with the line coming out. She said she never has a long wing. Fifth, Use liquid eye liner to draw the line from half way part of eye out to stop line with a slight up shape. Sixth, Now start at corner of eye and use liquid liner to dot upper lid. Keep working on adding liner to upper and lower lashes using dots to fill in.

Using false eye lashes tips:

Do your usual eye liner and mascara. Take an eyelash, measure your eye lash length and cut false eye lash on both ends, giving you the flexible middle section. Apply this lash from the center of eye to corner. Blink several times to set everything in place. This is adding fullness to your eye lashes but not over powering your eyes.

This next blog post is on matching earrings to your face shape.

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I am getting one to remember Sophia by, for my daughter to have. Thought I would share idea.


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