Time to Make Your Bracelet #8C

Updated: Jan 26


Review all prior posts, if you need to review.

Get out your materials: scissors, tape measure, bracelet size chart, beads, stretch cord, masking tape or bead stopper (spring), glue and watch this video again.


Cut stretch cord to desired length (plus 10 inches to give you room to tie off).

Apply masking tape or bead stopper to one end of stretch cord to keep your beads on the cord.

Lay out how you want beads to appear up to 7 1/2 inches (could be less). You can do one bead, one spacer bead, repeat, repeat, etc. You do all large beads together and all small beads together. You could have an accent bead and then all beads same but different from accent bead. You are the jewerly designers now. Go for it!

Now you have all the beads on the cord to your desired length.

You have cord left over to tie off your bracelet.

Review knots, practice making knot. I get the two ends together evenly, think in my head this is the right cord and this other is the left cord. Twist one cord over the other to make knot saying right over left and then turn left over right. Pull knots tight to make overhand knot.

Apply a very small dot of glue (I use E2000). Let glue on knot dry.

Pull knot into bead closest to it.

You have made your first bracelet.!!!!!

This stretch bracelet is made up of one size beads.

The one size and type bead braclet (shown above) turned out to be masculine so I used it as a Father's Day gift idea.

I suggest you keep a journal of each piece you make. Write down mistakes you made. Write down any thoughts you had while designing or making the bracelet. You can use these thoughts to help improve your jewelry making skills as you go along.

Next post will go to Wire Bracelet with Clasp. The second in this series is about practiceing Wire Wrapping for pendants or charms. And in third post, we will cover Adding Charms to bracelet. Remember www.gagasglitters.com/blog

Summer Fun made with gold wire and then ended with clasp

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