Body Improvement: It's All In the Wrist!

Updated: May 26, 2020

Wrist Exercise With Tennis Ball

Target Wrist flexors and extensors.

How To Do Wrist Exercise With Tennis Ball

Hold a tennis ball with your right hand and place your right forearm on a table.

Squeeze the tennis ball and count to 5.


Do this 10 times and repeat with your left hand.

Sets And Reps

3 sets of 10 reps

Wrist Strengthening Stretches

Target – Wrist flexors and extensors.

How To Do Wrist Strengthening Stretches

1.Kneel down and sit on your heels. 2. Extend both your hands in front of you and ensure that they are shoulder-width apart. 3. Flex your palms so that your fingertips point toward the floor.

4. Keeping your wrists flexed, place the back of your palms on the floor. 5. Apply gentle pressure and hold this pose for 30 seconds. You can fist your palms and release them while holding this pose.

6. Release the hold after 30 seconds. 7. Extend your wrists and turn your palms down.

8. Place your palms on the floor and hold this pose for 30 seconds.

9. Release and shake your hands.

Sets And Reps

2 sets of 30-second hold for each hand

Arm Circles


Video by Dr. Josh Axe on youtube · · · How to Get Rid of Carpal Tunnel in 24 Hours

Tennis Elbow

Wrist Curls

Wrist curls are extremely helpful in reducing tennis elbow pain. They work on the forearm muscles and the tendons. This exercise is easy and can be performed at home or office. Here are the steps.

How To Do:

Step 1 – Place your right forearm on a table, with your hand hanging over the edge of the table, and your palm facing the ceiling. Step 2 – Place a 1-pound weight in your hand. Step 3 – Carefully raise and lower the weight without moving your forearm from the table. Step 4 – Repeat this 10-12 times. Step 5 – Repeat the above steps with your left hand.

Precaution: Do not use a weight above 2 lbs. as this can cause damage rather than strengthen.

Arm Fat

The next blog will be on shoulder, knees, legs, feet exercises when you have a diagnosed condition. Email is

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