Jewelry Making: Wire Bracelet with Clasp #7

Updated: Feb 12

We are ready to move to a more complex bracelet. This is a bracelet that is based upon beads strung on a wire and a clasp is added to the ends. You can also make a bracelet that is on a ribbon or cord and finish it off with a clasp. Below are some tutorials about how to attach a clasp.

This bracelet has a large focal point bead, four accent beads and a set of white beads on each side. There is small lobster clasp to hold the ends together.

Tutorials for you to learn your craft:

There are more advanced types of bracelets that use wire in a weave, link stone bead groups, and seed bead multi-layered bracelets.

See these tutorials:

Ribbon clamps with clasp and charm added

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This is a men's size stretch bracelet made of humite stones.

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