Wire Wrapping for Pendants or Earrings Handmade Jewelry Gaga's Glitters Post 10

Updated: Jan 26


The link above is one of my favorites. It is small beads on silver wire around a large gemstone.

Magpie has lots of tutorials but this one is good for beginners.


Beadaholique has this classic to offer.


A google search that lead to great instruction.

Here is my simple copper wire wrap on fun denim earrings.

Simple copper wire wrapped earrings on Gagasglitters.com

You need

2 copper ear wires

2 round copper toggle parts

2 black irregular beads

2 long denim beads

2 eye pins

2 3'" or less lengths copper wire

Attach the toggle piece to the eye pin by the bottom with a small loop. Feed the round toggle part through the eye pin loop. Place denim bead on eye pin & add black bead. Make a loop at top of eye pin and add ear wire. Now add the wire by wrapping it around the denim bead. I did not make it symmetrical but rather artisy!

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